American Bukkake 31

American Bukkake 31
Why are Bukkake Girls so popular? Men adore them and women want to be them. A Bukkake Girl gets ALL of the attention.
Studio: JM Productions

Jenna J Ross, Sonny Nash

Oh my pumping god, you gotta check out little gulping princess, Jenna J Ross! This dick-addicted bitch makes a wager with Sonny Nash if she can suck his 8 inch pecker without gagging. After measuring his prick, she dives her face in his lap and swallows his meatstick whole! Sonny pushes her head down balls deep and Jenna chokes like crazy! Guttural sounds escape her pained throat as Sonny mashes his weiner down to touch her tonsils. This extreme tramp doesn't complain and keeps gulping on Sonny's meat, getting dong spittle all over her face, tits and neck. After one last face-pumping session, Sonny jerks his cum all over Jenna's messy face!

Tori Avano

A new realization leads Tori Avano into her greatest passion yet. Deepthroat drinking. Mike Hunt eats Tori's asshole out clean, before she repays him with a wet manhood blowing frenzy, gulping on his spit covered meatstick. She goes all out on his meatstick by gagging it whole, all for her own selfish reasons. Mike's dick gets the last laugh as he cums all over her tits and face.

Ashli Ames

Ashli Ames starts off masturbating her hot fuckhole on the bed as the cameraman zooms in on Ashli's slippery, juice-filled twat. As her twat moistens, all she can scream about is a hard wang to snack on. Just then, a enormous dick slides in view and Ashli sucks it down with ever intention of letting that long tool tickle her tonsils! But the best part about watching Ashli trying to deep-throat your tool and how many times is this bitch gonna gag and choke on it before she gets it all the way down?

Gabriella Patrova, Scott Lyons

Gabriella Patrova goes to see her doctor about throat pain but when Scott tries to administer a rubber tongue depressor, Gabby flatly refuses and says the only thing that goes down her throat is a cock! Shocked at her brazen sexual behavior, Scott strips off her hospital gown and stares up and down at her beautiful, flawless figure. Gabriella totally gets what the doctor ordered and gags and chokes on his long penis until she's gasping for air with pre-cum spittle strings dangling from her lips. Scott fucks her mouth hard while eating out her pussy and jerks off his hot jizz driblets in her dripping mouth!

Allexa, Rafael

This luscious Georgia peach tossed a piece of paper on the ground as we were driving by - lucky for us! We talked to her, telling her that she could even go to jail for littering here in Florida - or she could suck our weiner on camera and we'd consider letting her go. Damn was she pissed, and so as you can imagine, we took a great deal of pleasure out of stuffing her pretty little mouth full of pecker. Don't let her kid you, she was angry, but once she felt that throbbing trouser snake between her lips she got into it too. After we poured a load down her throat she claimed she was still pissed off - but she wasn't half as pissed as she was when we dropped her off in a different parking lot than the one we picked her up in!

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